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Article: How to choose cufflinks and brooches for the groom's wedding

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How to choose cufflinks and brooches for the groom's wedding

History and curiosities

The history of cufflinks dates back to the beginning of the 17th century, originally they were used only by men of high society as a sign of distinction and good taste. They quickly became an alternative to the pin, formerly used to secure the shirt cuff. It is said that the first cufflinks were invented by King Charles II of England, who used different types of cufflinks as a symbol of power and authority. However, their diffusion only began in the 19th century, thanks also to the spread of the wristwatch, which contributed to making the accessory even more popular. Today, they are an accessory used on special occasions such as weddings and other ceremonies, but increasingly they are also used on formal work occasions. Cufflinks are available in different shapes and materials, they can be in gold, silver or wood. There choice of the twin also depends on the choice of the dress in which they will be used, for an extra touch of elegance. However, there are no hard and fast rules about matching cufflinks and suits. The important thing is to want to add a touch of class and elegance to your outfit.

The detail that makes the difference

Cufflinks for the wedding day are one choice important for the groom. These accessories must be elegant and refined, capable of enhancing the look of the future husband. The materials used may vary, depending on style and personal taste. Among the most used are silver and gold, but also more innovative materials such as ceramic or titanium. Another element that can make the difference is the presence of Swarovski crystals, which give the accessories a touch of brilliance and shine. In any case, they must be chosen with care and attention to detail, to create a perfect match with the shirt and suit worn on the wedding day.

How to wear brooches and cufflinks on your wedding day

Cufflinks are increasingly popular as they are a must-have for a formal outfit. But how do they wear them? First of all, it's important choose the type of cufflinks that goes best with your style. They can be used with a jacket and suit, but also with a more casual shirt. They are inserted in place of buttons on the shirt cuff, creating a modern and elegant look. They are available in different designs and materials such as silk, gold, silver and platinum. They are not only a piece of jewelry, but also have a practical function, holding the shirt fists together. To put them on, just push the cufflink through the holes in the cuff with the decorative part visible. This way you will create an elegant and sophisticated outfit.

If the groom wears a tie

The tie clip is truly an amazing accessory. It is perfect for giving a touch of elegance to the look, especially when wearing a tie. The main function of the tie clip is to keep the tie tidy and in place, but it is also a very refined decorative element. It's possible choose among many models, shades and materials: from classic silver to leather, through fabric and jewels. It is important to match the tie clip to your other accessories, such as your pocket pin and jacket. To complete the look in an elegant and distinct way, it is important to coordinate the right shade. Furthermore, it is perfect for those who love jewelery and want to give a touch of luxury to their outfit. In summary, the tie clip is a trendy accessory that cannot be missing from the wardrobe of a modern gentleman. The tie ring is also widely used and gives the look a very refined highlight.

A precious gift

The gift of cufflinks to the groom is a very common tradition in many cultures. In many cases, cufflinks are given as gifts by the best man to honor the growth and prosperity of the marriage. Cufflinks are an elegant and refined accessory that can add a touch of style to your husband's tie and shirt. Usually, twins are chosen to reflect the groom's interests and personal taste. For example, if the groom is a sports fan, they could represent his favorite team. If the groom has a passion for art, they could be chosen cufflinks depicting a famous work of art. In any case, they are a precious and lasting gift that will serve to remember your wedding day for many years to come. Who chooses a personalized item shows that you have thought carefully and want to do something unique to celebrate their love. Furthermore, a personalized accessory can become a unique souvenir of the day of the ceremony. Personalized are one choice very popular among those who want to give something unique and special to the couple who are about to get married. Personalizing a gift means creating an exclusive object dedicated to the future spouses. A pair of cufflinks with the bride and groom's initials is an example of a personalized accessory. Furthermore, it could be a good idea to give a tie, a bow tie or a scarf that fits well with the personality of the ceremony with an important phrase or date for the future spouses.

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