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Article: Hawaiian shirts news and trends for summer 2023

Camicie hawaiane

Hawaiian shirts news and trends for summer 2023

The Hawaiian shirt is back in fashion!

Yes, the one with the colorful prints and flowers everywhere! If you like the laid-back lifestyle and want to feel like you're on vacation in Maui, then this fashion is perfect for you. It is ideal for beach parties, summer evenings and aperitifs with friends. Pair them with a pair of shorts or skinny jeans and voila, you're ready to impress. We've seen celebrities wearing them with sandals and sunglasses, so why not give it a try too? And if you really want to take it a step further, try pairing it with a pair of sneakers. Yes, you read that right, sneakers! It doesn't matter if it seems like a strange combination, in the end it's your personality that makes the difference.

Choose your favorite!

Between history and cinema

From Honolulu surfers to Hollywood they have become an icon of men's fashion thanks to their unique history and their role in films set in Hawaii. Golden times were those between the 30s and 60s, among the famous names: Elvis Presley, Tom Selleck, Al Pacino, Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio. A symbol of casual and relaxed clothing, often combined with light trousers. Originally inspired by Japanese kimono and Tahitian kapa shirts, men's Hawaiian shirts were introduced to the sugar cane plantations of Hawaii in the early 1900s. A local designer, Alfred Shaheen, helped expand the range of Hawaiian shirts and they quickly became popular among tourists and local inhabitants, and nowadays throughout the world. As the years have passed, Hawaiian shirts have become emblematic of Hawaiian culture and the "aloha" greeting. Their design was influenced by the different cultures that contributed to Hawaii's history. From the 1950s until today, they are still popular and loved for their exotic and relaxed character, often characterized by tropical prints, such as flowers, leaves and exotic birds, but there may also be designs inspired by local culture or the sea. Be your own actor, what are you waiting for to wear your sparkling men's shirt in perfect Hawaiian style invited to the coolest beach party of the summer?

One of the first signs of the holidays coming

There is no summer without showing off more colorful and lively looks. Become the icon of the men's wardrobe, in a Hawaiian version with his fantasies tropical. This item of clothing had its moment of success in the 1950s and is still appreciated today for its vibrant print fantasy . In fact, they have become a symbol of the summer season, bringing a tropical and exotic touch to the wardrobe. Men love to indulge in bright colors, which recall nature and the colors of summer. In short, the tropical shirt becomes a perfect choice for the first days of sunshine and holidays, signaling that it will soon be time to relax and enjoy the warm summer climate, in fact they are generally made of light and breathable fabrics, such as cotton or rayon, but also vintage in bark fabric . They are available in various models with a loose fit with a low and wide collar without a collar, with short or long sleeves, with buttons or snap opening. It is characterized by a style with bright colours, floral designs with contrasting exotic yellow flowers, palm trees, birds in the same color as the fantasy . A must have icon, undoubtedly the perfect display both for days on the beach and for summer evenings outdoors, or on the catwalk while walking in Capri along the famous "piazzetta"

How to wear a men's hawaiian shirt

If you are looking for a summer and trendy outfit, the men's Hawaiian shirt is perfect for you. This item of clothing is very versatile and can be used on various occasions. For a more casual taste, you can combine it with a contrasting t-shirt, soft short trousers and sneakers. Or, for a more elegant look, you can opt for a solid color t-shirt, black or dark blue trousers and closed shoes. If you want to dare, you can also dye the Hawaiian shirt in one of the colors of the print to create an even more whimsical and original look. In any case, the men's Hawaiian shirt is easy to match and creative for any occasion: you just need to have a little imagination and match it with the right accessories. They are a fun and colorful item of clothing, perfect for summer and suitable for many occasions. Thanks to their informal and versatile nature, they can be worn by men and women of all ages. They can also be adapted for more formal events, such as beach weddings or tropical themed parties. The combination depends on the context, but they are often worn with Bermuda shorts in neutral shades and sandals or sneakers. In their homeland they are even used instead of a formal garment such as a jacket or tie!

Matching with shoes

The combination of shirt and shoes is an important detail when choosing an outfit. If you opt for a Hawaiian shirt, it is best to pair it with a dress shoe to create a balanced contrast. On the other hand, white sneakers go well with a Hawaiian shirt synonymous with a trendy look, perfect for a day in the city. In general, the combination of shirt and shoes depends on the style and the occasion: it is important to choose the right shoes to emphasize your style and make it cool and attractive. The shirt and shoes combination can transform an entire day and make the wearer feel not only comfortable but also trendy.

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